Please, update your ACRIS!

ACRIS (Aalto Current Research Information System) brings together information about the results of our scientific and artistic activities. The information it contains is used at Aalto to evaluate productivity and also for reporting on our research and other activities to the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Aalto ACRIS will be opened to the public on 6 September 2016. Link to Inside:

Check your data
Faculty, researchers and doctoral candidates:
check your personal and publication information in the system now. You have already access in the Aalto network

Data has now been transferred from previous systems but there are still many mistakes. Use the “Type” drop down menu on the right hand side to see what kind of categories are available.

ACRIS has also far more opportunities for filling in your academic engagements, for example you may now add information on hosting a visitor or on various tasks of arranging conferences. There is now also an Activity-template “Curatorship of an exhibition or producer of a production” – but this kind of activity may also go under Research outputs > Artistic or non-textual form – F2.

If you want to update information concerning your publications or activities or other support, you should go to

Instructions you find here

In case something is wrong with your personal information, please contact

Personnel information comes from HR-registers, and changes must be made in the source registers.

Training sessions

The Autumn´s drop-in training sessions will be organised by the library in computer lab A034, Learning Center beta (downstairs), Otakaari 1 X. The schedule is available here:

The departments will also arrange training sessions for their staff.

Doctoral candidates

If you do not find your profile in ACRIS, it might be because you have not given a permission to add your information. The permission can be given in WebOodi.

  1. Login to
  2. Choose User information
  3. Click Conditions for giving out student information
  4. Choose My personal information and click Modify
  5. Click the box My personal information may be transferred to Aalto research information system

Pia Sivenius

Advisor, research and doctoral education

Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture

PO Box 31000

FI-00076 Aalto, Finland

Mobile +358 50 548 2974

Visiting address: Hämeentie 135 A, 4th floor (Dean’s office), 00560 Helsinki


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