Application for the mentoring programme

Application for the mentoring programme for doctoral candidates is open– registration by 16 September


Mentoring programme for doctoral candidates, launched in 2015, will follow with a fifth group in autumn 2017. We are now looking for active doctoral candidates who are interested in self-development to apply as mentees. Mentors are Aalto University alumni working in the industry.


Mentoring aims to promote the following aspects:

  • finding of career choices and paths as well as job application skills
  • development of professional skills and increase of self-reflection
  • development of interactional and communication skills
  • building of a professional network and providing professional contacts



Mentees are expected to:

  • commit to the mentoring programme
  • discuss expectations, set targets and agree on practical matters with the mentor
  • have an active role and take the initiative in relation to the mentor
  • spend one-on-one time with the mentor
  • understand that mentoring relationship is not about getting a job offer or an internship nor guidance for dissertation work

In the mentoring programme a person supporting and guiding a mentee, a mentor, is an experienced person working in a company or an organization outside university. Mentor´s role is to act as a discussion and sparring partner to the mentee in matters concerning employment and life management.


APPLICATION BY 16 September 2017

Doctoral students in the half stage of his/her doctoral studies are eligible to apply as mentees. Both Finnish and international students are welcome to apply to the programme.

Application to the programme with an application form ( by 16 September.



After closing the application for the doctoral candidates we will start looking for mentors through the Aalto University alumni network. The goal is to find most suitable pairs based on the applicants´ wishes and objectives. If possible, you may also propose yourself a mentor in the registration form.

After the matching process you are expected to contact your mentor candidate pointed to you, and discuss and agree on whether to start the mentoring or not.

The mentoring programme will start with a kick-off session 1 November at 16:30-19:00.

The mentoring pairs will meet approx. 6 times, once a month, for about 2 hours at a time. It is mentee´s role to ensure that the mentoring progresses with regular meetings, which have a clear target. Both mentee and mentor should be able to commit to the mentoring process.

Read about Farhan´s and Tapio´s mentoring journey here:   



Kaija Meriläinen, HRD Specialist,
Kaisa Hölttä, Specialist, Advancement & Corporate Engagement

and planning officers/coordinators of doctoral programmes at Schools.




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